Our mission...

is to help people align with culture and education through a gamified IT-enhanced approach!

We promote tangible and intangible culture reaping the benefits of immersive technologies and personalized learning.
We merge different technologies including Game Engines, Augmented Reality, and Personalized Learning Management Systems to design novel learning solutions tackling cultural challenges.
Utilizing the main principles of Universal Design Learning, we develop custom e-learning packages that ensure engaging user experiences and long term value.
Our strategic planning includes a customer-oriented service delivery process putting your needs always in the frontline.

E-Learning and Cultural Heritage Done Right…

E-learning is not just for business training anymore!

It offers a powerful toolbox for bringing Cultural Heritage knowledge to life for everyone…regardless the age, background, location, identity… 

Through our engaging online courses, e-learning platforms and virtual games, we safeguard the past for the future!