Our mission...

is to help organizations align strategy, culture and people.

We promote tangible and intangible culture harnessing the power of ICT and new media technologies. 


We merge different methodologies, techniques and knowledge with the aim of designing innovative, effective and perfectly adapted approaches to cultural challenges.


We use a co-creation model with all stakehodlers invovled with a view to provide engaging cultural awareness experiences and sustain long term value.


We include culture and cultural competence principles in the strategic planning, policy development, program design, and service delivery process with promotion in mind.

Cultural and historical heritage.

Understanding the nature and importance of cultural heritage is a necessary condition for making strategic decisions ensuring the proper implementation of CSR in all economic areas.
Conservation and promotion of local cultural, historical and natural heritage should be included in the marketing strategy of any enterprise that is commited to contirbuting to society in a sustainable way.