Areas of interest

Cultural Tourism Solutions

We collaborate with governments, tourism businesses, and local communities to craft unique experiences that celebrate heritage and drive positive change.

What we are up to:
  • Destination development: Crafting compelling narrative for any cultural tourism destination
  • Community engagement: Empower local actors and ensure authentic cultural experiences

Education for Social Impact

We believe in education that tackles real-world challenges. We design and implement projects that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills towards active citizenship, inclusion and diversity, volunteerism.
What we are up to:
  • Interactive learning: We make learning engaging and relevant to daily life
  • Empowerment through awareness: We equip individuals with the tools to become active changemakers

Sustainable Experiences

Culture shouldn't cost the Earth. We create sustainable cultural experiences that benefit people and the planet.

What we are up to:
  • Virtual experiences: Though our projects, you can immerse yourself in culture from anywhere with engaging virtual tours
  • Sustainable destinations: We have developed digital destinations that celebrate heritage while respecting the environment
  • Community-driven initiatives: We work with local actors to create sustainable cultural experiences

Navigating Intellectual Property

Cultural heritage belongs to everyone. Yet, the world's cultural treasures face complex intellectual property (IP) challenges. We work to ensure community ownership, open knowledge exchange and ethical representation.

What we are up to:
  • IP Analysis & Strategies: We help communities navigate IP rights related to cultural heritage
  • Capacity building: we empower communities and individuals to advocate for their cultural heritage and manage their IP effectively