Our work

Augmented Culture
Augmented reality (AR) transforms how we experience culture. Imagine visiting a museum and seeing dinosaurs come alive through your phone screen, or holding up your device to reveal hidden details on historical buildings. 

AR overlays digital information onto the real world, enriching cultural experiences with interactive exhibits, 3D models, and hidden stories. It breathes new life into artifacts, locations, and artworks, fostering a deeper connection with the past.
Minecraft for Educational Games
Minecraft, with its limitless creative potential, breathes new life into cultural experiences. 

Players can explore virtual recreations of historical sites, delve into digital exhibits, and even participate in collaborative builds that represent cultural landmarks. 

This interactive format fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for heritage, making culture accessible and engaging for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Personalized Learning
Personalized learning unlocks a world of cultural exploration. Imagine tailoring your museum visit to your interests, delving deeper into specific historical periods or artistic movements. 

Personalized learning platforms can curate learning paths based on your preferences, and even offer interactive quizzes or challenges to solidify your understanding. This user-centric approach makes cultural experiences more engaging and rewarding, fostering a lifelong love of learning about the world's rich heritage.