Research & Development


Service Design: going beyong the 'Stop-n-go' approach

We craft human-centered services that connect audiences with cultural heritage in a sustainable way. We use service design to:

  • Go beyond the ‘static’ experience and engage visitors
  • Give communities a say to promote responsible cultural representation
  • Integrate circular economy principles and embrace sustainability for a lasting impact on people and the planet


Tangible Experiences: bridging the physical and digital in CH

Challenges Faced by Cultural Heritage Sites? Here is what sets us apart:

  • Use map learning modalities for personalized digital strategies
  • Bridge the gap between tangible objects and immersive online content
  • Exploit RFID, physical computing, markers to unlock new breakthrough technological solutions


Gamified Learning: the power of play in CH

Games aren't just fun – they're powerful tools for cultural engagement!

We develop gamified learning experiences through:

  • Story-driven learning that crafts engaging narratives using gamification mechanics
  • Adaptable learning that complies with our technology-agnostic approach
  • Winning game-based learning practices that can keep you engaged!